JJ Watt Offered Up A Super Bowl Prediction During His ‘SNL’ Monologue


JJ Watt’s Super Bowl eve was not spent in Miami with most of the other members of the National Football League. Instead, he hosted Saturday Night Live in New York and talked about what he knows best: football.

Watt talked about the Super Bowl, his brothers and even offered up a Super Bowl prediction on Saturday. Watt made a joke about kickers and riffed on his football-playing family, suggesting an upbringing that made him tougher and a family that has DNA that made him perfect for football.

“My dad is actually Cletus the Fox Sports Robot,” Watt said.

Perhaps the most obvious joke of the night was when Watt presented an alternative to his SNL hosting duties.

“Now we all know tomorrow is the Super Bowl. don’t get too excited I didn’t get the part,” Watt said. “But I try to look on the bright side if I was in it I probably couldn’t be here. And would I really trade hosting SNL for the Super Bowl? Yes, I definitely would.”

Still, Watt did his best to congratulate both the Chiefs and the 49ers, the former of which eliminated his Texans from the postseason last month.

“You guys have truly earned it,” Watt said. “And I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I hope the game ends in a tie.”


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