Jetha Lal Gave The Best Reply To Neha Dhupia On Her Latest Statement


Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia has created a stir on social media with her latest statements from the reality show ‘Roadies Revolution’, where she slammed a contestant when he revealed that his girlfriend was cheating on him with five boyfriends.

Neha Dhupia, who is part of the ‘gang leaders’ on Roadies Revolution, has found herself at the receiving end of criticism and trolling on social media. Netizens are calling out for her on social media for her double standards and alleged ‘fake feminism’.

Well, what happened was in the latest episode of the show, Neha Dhupia can be seen lashing out on a contestant after the contestant revealed that he slapped his cheating girlfriend. Giving an angry reaction, Neha Dhupia justified the girl by saying it was her choice to be with whoever she wanted to be and the guy has no right to slap a girl.

Though everyone agreed that violence is anyway wrong but netizens slammed the actress for defending the act of disloyalty by supporting it. The actress has been getting brutally trolled and slammed for her remarks. From memes, images to hilarious videos, people are coming up with hilarious content to troll the actress.

We at ‘The Funniest Indian’ keep looking for hilarious content on social media and while on our tour to find fun stuff for today, we stumbled upon a hilarious video, that you just can’t miss. The video is so funny that we couldn’t control ourselves from sharing the video with you.

Well, the video was shared by ‘The Frustrated Engineer’ via their official Facebook page. In the video, the creator has hilariously edited the viral video of Neha Dhupia slamming the contestant and has added our favorite character ‘Jethalal’ into it. Hands-down to creativity as Jethalal has given the best reply to Neha Dhupia on her latest stint.

Here, check out the hilarious video, (don’t miss the end):

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