Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Reportedly New Victims Of FCC Complaints


Earlier this month, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira took the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show for a culturally-inclusive affair that saw the duo dig into their conjoined catalogue of hits. Playing everything from “She Wolf” to “Jenny From The Block,” Lopez’s pole-dancing and Shakira’s tongue-wagging pushed fans to called this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show one of the best ever. Others, however, were not too happy with what their performance.

According to TMZ, a total of 1,312 complaints were filed to theFederal Communications Commission, or the FCC, because of Lopez and Shakira’s halftime performance. Of the many complaints, one reportedly compared it to “simulated orgies, stripping, and borderline pornography.” Meanwhile, another reportedly said that instead of getting “football and a quick concert,” they had their eyes “molested.” Still, at least one comment ranked Lopez and Shakira’s performance as “far better” than Janet Jackson’s infamous 2004 Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction.”

The aforementioned complaints were a little dramatic, when in reality the two singers simply brought a new touch of culture to the NFL — something the league and its fans should appreciate. Regardless, these complaints are probably the least of Lopez’s and Shakira’s concerns; after all, both musicians saw a spike in their music sales following the performance.

[via TMZ]


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