Jealous Husband Chopped the P^nis of His Wife’s Lover as She Refused to Stop Loving Him –


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When it comes to adultery , people are very much involved in the same . But what initially looks like to be in heaven , later has many consequences too . These are the guilty pleasures which makes a person go blind and he /she forgets , what they are doing and things goes on until they are caught red handed .

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It happens many a times , things are sorted but when these things are not in control , they have the worst results .

The motive of telling about this is our today’s story ..

It’s the incident of Kalasin, North East Thailand ,where a man named
Amornrak Jitkoh, 45 YO , got to know that his wife Nai is having an affair with a local policeman Jumrus Doljue, 57 YO.

According to Viral Press : “Handcuffed Jitkoh shows how he sliced policeman Doljue’s member off after finding out he’d been sleeping with his wife for two years

 Handcuffed Jitkoh shows how he sliced policeman Doljue's member off after finding out he'd been sleeping with his wife for two years

He was very calm and smirked at police during his arrest which is shocking indeed. He was having noodles when police took him to put behind the bars.

 Amornrak Jitkoh was calm and smirked at police during his arrest

His wife Nai Is a fortune teller but the irony is that she didn’t know her’s .

 Fortune teller Nai clearly didn't see this coming

Amornrak confessed that he had talks with his wife and he told them to stop all the things going on between his wife and her policeman lover but she refused to do so . In return he already planned to kill her lover .

 The burned out shell of Jumrus' car that was used to lure the cop

He then set fire to the policeman’s car to lure him from the house before stabbing him .

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Police found Jumrus’s mutilated body with his penis hacked off leaving a gaping wound in his crotch.He also had 23 stab wounds on his neck and torso.

 The jeans the victim was wearing when he was stabbed in the crotch
The Jeans victim was wearing when he got attacked..
 Thai forensics examine the crime scene

The killer husband said told about all the series of incidents that made him to do so ..

“We still lived together until we had a fight last September that caused her to move away to her family’s house, which I later discovered was next to the official residence for police officers.

“I went to talk to her but she still refused to stop her affair with the policeman so I went and talked to him. He was not willing to stop seeing my wife so I killed him.” he added.

Police Lieutenant General Charoenwit Srivanich said the murder was a consequence of problems in the domestic relationship.He quoted , that Amornrak had admitted the crimes and would be remanded in custody for a court date to be set.

“This was a brutal killing and the suspect has confessed to charges of premeditated murder, arson and being armed in public,” he said.

Also he said :”He will be interrogated again and taken to the scene for a re-enactment before the legal case continues.”

 Jitkoh reenacts the scene for police over the blood-stained floorboards at Doljue's home

Jitkoh reenacts the scene for police over the blood-stained floorboards at Doljue’s home

Amornrak was traced to near by restaurant and arrested while he ate a bowl of noodles.He smirked while confessing that he brutally murdered the policeman out of jealousy after his wife asked for a divorce and refused to leave the cop.

 Amornrak Jitkoh was arrested while eating noodles in a nearby restaurant

Police paraded the killer through the streets before press following his arrest.

 Police marched the convict to the scene of the crime

Also , he was taken to the crime scene to reenact the crime that he committed .

 Thai police arrested a man for chopping off the penis of his wife's lover shown during a reenactment



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