‘Japan Sinks 2020’: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot and Everything We Know So Far About Season 1 of this Netflix Anime!

japan sinks 2020 netflix

Netflix is on a rampage with some sensational releases planned for July 2020. The lockdown situation has favored Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu and other streaming platforms to a great extent. However, when it comes to anime, Netflix has got its nose out ahead in the race for supremacy with Baki, BNA: Brand New Animal. With yet another Netflix original anime ‘Japan Sinks 2020’, Netflix aims to keep the anime fans glued to its services in July.

‘Japan Sinks 2020’ Plot: What We Know?

Japan Sinks 2020 is an adaptation of the famous novel by Sakyo Komatsu. ‘Japan Sinks 2020 is an anime which revolves around an imaginary plot in which Japan reels under the impact of a catastrophic earthquake and deals with the aftermath from there on. Japan Sinks 2020’s journey will feature the lives of a family of four including Ayumu and Gō, the children.

‘Japan Sinks 2020’ will feature the main character’s quest to save their lives when the country of Japan falls on its feet after the impact of the catastrophic earthquake and eruptions. The latest anime’s plot has a striking resemblance to the Hollywood flicks like ‘The Impossible’.

The official Netflix plot reveal reads, “After catastrophic earthquakes devastate Japan, one family’s resolve is tested on a journey of survival through the sinking archipelago.”

‘Japan Sinks 2020’ Release Date

Netflix is releasing ‘Japan Sinks 2020’ on the 9th of July 2020.

Japan Sinks 2020 Season 1 is scheduled to release in its entirety on the 9th of July 2020. Japan Sinks 2020 Season 1 will comprise of ten episodes and the English dubbed version will be released on Netflix.

‘Japan Sinks 2020 Season 1’ Cast

japan sinks 2020 release date

Japan Sinks 2020 Season 1 will feature Reina Ueda as the voice cast for Japan Sinks 2020 in Japanese for Ayumu Mutō, while Tomo Muranaka as Ayumu’s brother Gō Mutō. Kaiji Tang, Sora Amamiya, Akio Ōtsuka will be the characters on Japan Sinks 2020 Part 3.

Yuko Sasaki voices the mother Mari Mutō of the Muto family. Other cast members include Hiroyuki Yoshino, Nanako Mori, Kensho Ono and Umeji Sasaki.

Japan Sinks 2020 is created by Masaaki Yuasa who is a renowned animator and director. His previous works include the stupendous hits like ‘Kaiba’ and ‘Devilman Crybaby’.

‘Japan Sinks 2020’ Netflix Trailer

Japan Sinks 2020 witnessed a trailer release on the 28th of May 2020. This gripping sci-fi fictional disaster anime will feature entertaining drama and furious challenges in Muto family’s Japan Sinks 2020 journey to save themselves.


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