Jannal Kadai Mylapore Owner Ramesh dead due to Coronavirus

Jannal Kadai mylapore

It must be a sad phase were many famous restaurant personalities have been dead due to Coronavirus. Famous caterer Chellappa and Iruttu Halwa Kadai Hari Singh succumbed due to Covid 19. Following them is the owner of Janal Bajji Kadai, the hugely popular snacks joint Ramesh passed away yesterday due to comorbidity and Coronavirus. Jannal Kadai in Mylapore have remained closed for sometime.

Operated out of a single window on Ponnambala Vadyar Street, the joint dished out bajjis and vadais and more to hungry mouths over many many years. Its bajjis were the single most popular snack and many Mylaporeans swore by it, gobbling them on their way our out of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple or on local shopping errands.

It was one of Mylapore’s must visit joint for those on Good Walks seeking the city’s quaint and traditional food spaces. Many food bloggers like Irrfan’s view have reviewed the joint and it became one of the most famous eatery in that area.


  1. You have published a wrong photograph, the person in the pic on the report published by you is not Ramesh, that is his brother Shekhar. Please remove the pic immediately or I Will report this news


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