Jamia students report incident of shooting outside Uni, FIR filed


At about midnight on 3rd January 2019, an incident of firing was reported from Jamia Millia Islamia University by the students of the University. The Jamia Coordination Committee claimed that the shooting was done by two unidentified bike-bourse assailants near Gate number 5 of the University, though no injuries were reported.

After the shooting, a crowd had almost immediately gathered outside Jamia and had started sloganeering. One can prominently hear ‘Delhi Police Haye Haye’ slogans being raised outside Jamia.

As per the students’ claims, one of the assailants was wearing a red jacket and the number of the scooty from which they allegedly fired was 1532.

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Post the incident of the alleged shooting, people had gathered outside the Jamia police station and demanded that an FIR be filed.

At around 1:30 AM, the FIR was filed by the Delhi police.

It is pertinent to note here that as of now, though an FIR has been filed, the claims of shots being fired is only by the students of Jamia. Even the ‘eye-witness’ accounts that have emerged is of the students and nobody else so far.

“Police officers at Jamia Nagar went to the place and searched the area. No empty bullet shells were found there. Also, there were different versions of the vehicle in which the alleged miscreants came. Some said it was a scooter, others said it was a four-wheeler. Many people, including students, have gathered outside the police station. They will be asked to give a complaint. We will conduct a probe,” said senior police officer Kumar Gyanesh.

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This is the third incident of shooting that has been reported from the Jamia-Shaheen Bagh area in the past few days. These incidents are being seen with some amount of suspicion since there are several questions, primarily of timing, that remain unanswered.

Earlier, a teen named Gulshan (name changed) had fired a shot outside Jamia where one bystander was injured. There were several questions that were raised regarding that incident and suspicions of the incident being staged, ahead of Delhi elections, were raised. Gulshan had posted on his Facebook profile right before the shooting saying that he was doing it to avenge the killing of another teen called Chandan Gupta who was killed during a Tiranga Yatra.

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The second incident came days ago where one individual fired shots near Shaheen Bagh, carefully in the air. When being arrested, he claimed that ‘In this country, only what Hindus say would be considered’. The incident appeared staged since the man fired only in the air and even gave willing sound bytes to the media, trying excessively hard to prove that he was a ‘nationalist’.

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