Jack Miller Besant Nagar Review: New Promising Restaurant in Elliot’s Beach!

jack miller besant nagar review

Talk beach, Talk Besant Nagar. The swanky Elliot’s Beach in Chennai’s Besant Nagar houses some of the best restaurants, cafes and pubs in the city. The scintillating promenade houses the pocket-friendly ‘bajji shops’, tornado potato stalls on the sands of the beach while the other lit cafes, restaurants take their places on the other side of the beach road. ‘Jack Miller’ is a new addition to Besant Nagar’s list of newly opened restaurants or cafes in Chennai.

‘Jack Miller’ opened in September in the same location which housed the legendary ‘Barista’ outlet across the beach road. The ‘Barista’ outlet was a landmark for many for years until it was shut down. However, ‘Jack Miller’ is adding a new touch of prominence to the glorious Elliot’s Beach Road

Jack Miller Besant Nagar Review & Menu

The menu at Jack Miller includes an array of salads, a bunch of vegetarian starters like Dips and Crisps, Uncle Bessy’s Potato and Mushroom Tak a Tak. The non-vegetarian starters has a good mix of chicken options like Rios Chicken Grill and the specialty includes Beef Albondigas. The freshly pounded meat balls are also available with chicken.

Miller’s Menu includes a limited array of Shawarmas which is a new found love in Chennai. The Miller’s loaded fries are well priced for the drool worthiness it offers and brings on the table. The burgers at Jack Miller’s menu are a standout with an equal variety in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The pastas, rice bowls compliment the limited yet praiseworthy starter menu of Jack Miller.

The desserts are limited in choice as they offer just the brownie with ice cream for now. However, Jack Miller plans to open early morning breakfasts to open doors to the sizeable footfall in the morning at the Elliot’s Beach.6 am Sunrise Breakfasts is something which is not relatable to the Chennai’s audience except for the ever active South Indian breakfast joints.

Jack Miller Besant Nagar Menu






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