‘It is my job and I have to do it,’ says Delhi cop who came face to face with gun wielding anti-CAA rioter Mohammad Shahrukh


Massive riots erupted in Delhi on Monday and continued on Tuesday. The death toll has reached 20, countless more have been injured and the damage to property has been enormous. Amidst all of this, one gun-wielding man was spotted brandishing his gun at the Police and firing shots. In what has emerged as one of the most iconic photographs from the violence, the Policeman refused to budge even as the man pointed his gun straight at him. The rioter was identified as Shahrukh and he has now been arrested.

The Policeman confronted by Shahrukh has been identified as Head Constable of Delhi Police Deepak Dahiya. He confronted the gun-wielding rioter with just a lathi in his hand. Dahiya told Times of India, “I was deployed at Maujpur Chowk. Things suddenly took an extremely violent turn and people started pelting stones at each other. As I moved towards the scene of violence, I heard a gunshot. I saw a man wearing a red sweatshirt… he was wielding a pistol. I immediately jumped to the other carriageway to divert his attention.”

“He was charging ahead… I walked up to him to divert his attention.. I could not have allowed anyone else to come in his way. My priority was to ensure that there was no casualty,” Dahiya added. He further said that it was his duty and he had to do it, “Kaam hain mera, karna hi hai…”

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As a testament to his adherence towards the virtues of honour and duty, Dahiya told TOI, “Agar mere saamne koi mar jaata, toh bahut dukh hota hamesha… (had anyone died in front of me, it would have hurt me forever).” Dahiya’s wife and two daughters live in Sonepat, Haryana. His family was unaware of his actions until Tuesday morning. His wife recognized him from his photograph that went viral on social media.

“I did not tell them anything, but my photograph went viral on social media. My wife called me up all worried. I tried to dodge her questions, but even though my face wasn’t visible in the photographs, she recognised me from the blue stripes on the jacket… I kept quiet as I know that she has full confidence in me,” Dahiya said.

One Policeman has lost his life in the riots that have ensued in the national capital. The deceased cop Head Constable Ratan Lal fell prey to a bullet injury. Another cop was also critically injured in the violence.

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