Is Zee5 Godman the story of Nithyananda? The controversial trailer of Godman web series is trending on social media

zee5 godman series

The footage and scriptures featured in the Godman Webseries have stirred controversy over the insult of Hinduism and the Brahmin community. WebSeries is the next big thing after movies these days and with lockdown many are using OTT platforms as the main source of entertainment. As fans are loving it many of the leading actors and actresses are looking forward to act in webseries these days. In this case, Zee5 OTT platform is releasing their new webseries Godman on 12th June 2020. The series was directed by Babu Yogeswaran, with Jayaprakash, Daniel Balaji and Sonia Agarwal in the lead role.

Dialogues like “Which Shastra says that only a Brahmin should study Vedas? All the Brahmins who are around us are not good” have created a huge controversy. Various Hindu religious organisations have been blaming the series for blasphemy on Hinduism and insulting the Hindu deities

The teaser of this series was released yesterday. Controversy has emerged from the teaser as it had many abusive verses about the Brahmin community, and also had many sleazy scenes. Many people are accusing the creators of infringing on a particular community and violent scenes in the name of their creative freedom, as webseries has no censorship in India. In one scene, Daniel Balaji’s costume looks like the costume of Nithyananda who is hiding for a long time.

Also the Godman teaser showed various scenes that appeared to be taken directly from Nithyananda case like Jayaprakash as Sadhu getting arrested and Daniel Balaji getting involved with many women. We have to wait and watch if Godman webseries is about the life of Swami Nithyananda.



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