Is Netflix’s Curon the Most Sensational Supernatural Thriller of This Year? Plot, Cast and Release Date Revealed!


Netflix is on a rampage with an array of new releases planned for this week including Curon, Reality Z and the documentary, Lenox Hill. Thrillers are the pick of the season and Curon is released by Netflix at the right time. From the scripts of Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, and Giovanni Galassi promises to be engrossing and captivating for all the thriller freaks out there.

Curon Plot Lines

Curon revolves around the story of mother and her twins who return from a cursed town. Curon is the much awaited Italian supernatural thriller which carves out a story involving mystery, suspense and sufficient thrills. The plot of Curon throws on the tragedies in the life of the woman. The woman and her children find out that the town is cursed as the spine chilling scenes of the bells of the old church ringing breaks open the plot of Curon and the curses which are awakened.

Unsure of what makes Anna vanish, the twins will take a thrilling voyage ending up revealing the dark truths about the darkness surrounding the town and the haunting past which latches onto it.

Netflix’s Curon Cast

The cast of Curon looks promising. The major cast of Curon includes:

  • Valeria Bilello
  • Maximilian Dirr
  • Anna Ferzetti
  • Luca Lionello
  • Alessandro Tedeschi

Curon Trailer

Curon Release Date

Curon is scheduled to release on the 10th of June 2020. Curon will consist of seven episodes. The spooky thriller will leave behind mysteries and the plot open for a potential Season 2 based on the reviews. The Winkreport will bring the latest updates on the reviews and plot twists about Curon news.


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