Is Bigg Boss Sherin getting married? Shares a mysterious post on social media

Bigg Boss Sherin marriage

Sherin has attracted people’s attention even though she has only acted in a few films like Thulluvadho Ilamai and Whistle in Tamil cinema. She was never seen in the cinema after those films. Suddenly she participated in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil as a contestant.

Fans who saw Sherin in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil were shocked by her old looks where she appeared fat. But after Bigg Boss, 3, Tamil Sherin has lost a whole lot of weight and turned to the old look. She is one of those contestants who use Bigg Boss to her advantage and lost weight even inside the BB house.

It is unknown if she is acting as a comedian in the films, but she has been conducting many photoshoots. So she recently held a photoshoot in a wedding dress and posted it on her social media account, stating that the bride is ready and where the groom is.

This has created a stir on social media as Sherin’s fans are asking about her marriage.


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