Irregularities alleged in PMGSY road in Saintala block


Saintala: Even as the Centre spends crores of rupees on Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) in order to develop better road connectivity to rural areas of Saintala block in Bolangir district, several irregularities were alleged in this block.

According to sources, rural roads connecting district main roads have dilapidated due to lack of proper maintenance and low quality of work. In many cases, old and rundown roads are being shown as new roads by giving just a facelift and painting the signages afresh.

Locals alleged that the public works department (PWD) road laying work of 11.5 km-long stretch starting from Tikrapada village up to Sorda via Jharabahali was started in 2012 by BK Constructions.

Road laying work at a value of Rs 4,45,61,000 was completed in September, 2014. Moreover, an amount of Rs 20,99,000 was sanctioned towards maintenance of the road for next five years.

Within five years of completion, the road has developed several craters. Black-top of the road has come off at many places making the patch unusable as there is no maintenance. Hundreds of villagers from Tikrapada, Jharabahali, Lafer, Dukal, Nagphena and Sorda areas under Saintala block, including Karla, Jamelisar, Suapada areas under Titilagarh and Muribahal blocks commute through this road.

About a month back, contractor concerned painted the signage afresh and furnished detailed information therein without carrying out maintenance of road. However, local villagers smell a rat in the work.

On being contacted, junior engineer of Saintala rural development department, Sraddhananda Das said, “Not a single pie has been paid to the contractor towards maintenance. As the information furnished on signage had got obsolete and rundown, it was painted again”.


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