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Indian Idol 12 voting: Who will be eliminated this week


This year’s season of Indian Idol, has had a fair share of controversies. Aditya Narayan has faced a slew of controversies, but remains unflappable. Amit Kumar, Kishore Kumar’s son had expressed his regret and dissatisfaction at the Kishore Kumar special. According to him, the episode and the performances were simply not up to the mark. The recent onslaught of trolls and other twitterati who are also criticising the contestants.

Two contestants who came under fire were Idol Danish and Idol Shanmukha have come under fire for not very musically talented. Their antics such as exaggerated expressions have found ire in many who have requested for their expulsion from the program. Despite all this we are almost reaching the finale to this year’s season.

Indian Idol 12 Top 9

  1. Anjali Gaikwad
  2. Arunita Kanjilal
  3. Ashish Kulkarni
  4. Md Danish
  5. Nihal Tauro
  6. Pawandeep Rajan
  7. Sawai Bhatt
  8. Sayli Kishore Kambli
  9. Shanmukha Priya

Indian Idol 12 Voting

In last week’s Romance Special Episode, two contestants stood out. They were Arunita and Pawandeep, their duet garnered much praise from the judges. Then it was revealed that they were the top voted contestants of last week. This week’s special according to the promo it is the Boys versus the Girls this week. The five male contestants will go head to head with the four female contestants.

Indian Idol 12 Predictions

Since, the makers have made a ‘no elimination’ policy, it looks like the contestants have to rely only on votes. One reason for this is that it would give the show more mileage. The second is that the audience participation can have more effect. As said by Aditya Narayan the show is going to wrap up in the next few weeks.

From now on, votes decide the eliminations, the power is with the audience. Pawandeep is poised to top this time too because of his undeniable talent. Arunita is also a contender. Danish and Shanmukta are doubtful because they have fans and trolls in equal measure. But it seems Danish has something up his sleeve, based on this promo.




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