Indian Idol 12 Elimination 6th June Episode: Special Performances, Seventh Elimination Updates!


Indian Idol 12 is slowly bringing back excitement, after the last few episodes which brought so much controversies. From the twitterati asking the Idols Danish and Shanmukha Priya to leave the show. The host Aditya Narayan also brought much flak with his actions. But this week has been a redemption arc. We are in the final arc of this year’s series so the elimination fever is on. This weekend boasted two of the best guests this season Zeenat Aman and Udit Narayan. The famed singer Abhijeet also was a special musical guest for this week.

Special Performances

The show seems to have a lot of  light-hearted elements as the guests and the jokes were on. This week is the Zeenat Aman Special. But as we know six contestants have eliminated as of yet. On this Sunday’s episode, Zeenat Aman will enter the Indian Idol stage, and the contestants are rearing up to give their best performances. So, this week will focus on all the memorable songs related with the actor.

In a very emotional moment, Zeenat Aman addressed Shanmukha Priya gave her advice on internet trolls. In all the promos, the actor seemed to have motivated and lifted the spirits of the contestants tremendously. She also appreciated Sawai Bhatt’s ability to bring a Rajasthani touch to his performances.

Based on this promos, idol Nihal seemed to get accolades for his ‘silken voice’. Pawandeep too has won the heart of the actor as seen in the promos. Idol Danish has won a lot of praise for his performance of the song Mitwa last night. Every other contestant has brought their mettle to the stage. Since, on this episode we will decide the Top 8. The contestants vying for the Top 8 position are:

  1. Anjali Gaikwad
  2. Arunita Kanjilal
  3. Ashish Kulkarni
  4. Md Danish
  5. Nihal Tauro
  6. Pawandeep Rajan
  7. Sawai Bhatt
  8. Sayli Kishore Kambli
  9. Shanmukha Priya

Elimination Updates

This week three contestants are in elimination danger Anjali, Sayli and Sawai Bhatt. These three though good, have been flagging in their performances. This week many sources are certain that a male contestant would be eliminated. Anjali and Sayli seem to be featured in a very relaxed light in the promos. So, this does bring up a lot of questions, and the guessing game is on.

When it comes to the finalists, Pawandeep is touted as a shoo-in for the finalist position. Danish and Shamukha Priya despite the flak seem to be very close to becoming finalists as well. Ashish as well has slowly carved a niche and would  also reach the coveted finalist position. Let’s see what this episode will bring and who the Top 8 will be.


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