Indian Idol 12 Elimination 27 and 28th March 2021: Neetu Kapoor dances with Danish Khan

Indian idol 12 Elimination

After his strong performance, Contestant Danish Khan requested Neetu Kapoor to do a small dance on the song ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ with him as a Rishi Kapoor special.

Neetu Kapoor is coming this week on Sony TV’s singing reality show Indian Idol 12. This evening of Idol will be named after her husband and superstar, the late Rishi Kapoor, in the presence of Bollywood’s bygone actress. Top 10 contestants of Indian Idol 12 will present evergreen songs of Rishi Kapoor’s films on stage on these special occasions. However, according to our sources, this episode has been shot; Neetu Kapoor remembers Rishi Kapoor after watching Contestant Danish Khan during these performances.

Neetu Kapoor was pleased to be a part of this show, and she spent some wonderful moments with the contestants. During this, a popular Contestant of the show, Danish Khan, after his strong performance, requested Neetu Kapoor to do a small dance on the song ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’ with him and Rishi Kapoor. Neetu Kapoor also immediately agreed to her and went on stage and gave a great performance with Danish.

Neetu Kapoor was very impressed by Danish’s looks, praising him and said that Danish looks like Rishi Kapoor a lot. Neetu says, “Your looks are very similar to Rishi Kapoor’s.” After listening to this, Danish’s happiness was no longer there. Expressing his happiness, Danish said, “It is my pleasure to be a part of Indian Idol. Neetu Ji is the sweetest person among the people whom I have met in my life so far. I never thought that I would meet such superstars in my life. Dancing with Neetu Ji on one of his songs is like making my dream come true.”

Actually, this was the first time after Rishi Kapoor’s death when Neetu has joined a reality show. During this, he is also going to share memories related to Rishi Kapoor with the audience. Chuka Neetu Kapoor met Neha Kakkar for the first time after the marriage; she also gifted Neha as an omen. On this, Neha got a tear in her eyes. Neha black-knit Neetu and touched her feet. This video has started going viral on social media.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

No. Name Of The Contestants Status in the Show
1. Pawandeep Rajan Competing
2. Shanmukha Priya Competing
3. Sawai Bhatt Competing
4. Anjali Gaikwad Competing
5. Ashish Kulkarni Competing
6. Sireesha Bhagavatula Fifth Elimination (March 14, 2021)
7. Mohd Danish Competing
8. Nihal Tauro Competing
9. Arunita Kanjilal Competing
10. Sayli Kamble Competing
11. Anushka Banerjee Fourth Elimination (Feb 28, 2021)
12. Nachiket Lele Competing
13. Sahil Solanki First Elimination (Jan 03, 2021)
14. Samyak Prasanna Second Elimination (Jan 17, 2021)
15. Vaishnav Girish Third Elimination (Jan 31, 2021)



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