Indian celeb houses before and after success


The question who are you, depends on where you came from?
The success of any celebrity can be measured based on his living standard. Where
he/she used to live and now where he/she is living to create more impact on how
successful a celebrity is.

There are many mentions in Bollywood as well as Cricket where celebrities used to live in a small condo and now own all the luxury of life.

Here, we have created a list to show you before the success and after the success pics of Indian Celebs’ house.

1. Shah Rukh Khan New Delhi House to Mannat

There’s no way we can start the list with any other celebrity but Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Rukh Khan is a Delhian, and before appearing in Bollywood films and serials, Shah Rukh used to live in his New Delhi House.

Due to hard work and passion for work, Shah Rukh emerged out as King Khan in Bollywood.

Now Shah Rukh Khan lives a luxurious life in his Bungalow named Mannat.

His house pictures of before and after success give jealousy and inspiration to many people who want to break in Bollywood and be a star like Shah Rukh Khan.

2. Neha Kakkar old and new house

Recently, Neha Kakkar had bought her new home. The single shared her emotional moment by writing an emotional note along with an adorable pic of her new bungalow. She also shared the pic of her old one-room house where she was born.

In her Instagram caption, she wrote, “This is the Bungalow we Own now in #Rishikesh and Swipe Right to see the house where I was born.”

For the next pic, she mentioned that “In the same house We Kakkar’s used to stay in a 1 Room inside which My Mother had put a table which was our kitchen in that small room. And that Room also was not our own, we were paying rent.”

Neha also cleared her point by saying, “And Now Whenever I
see Our Bungalow in the Same City, I always get Emotional. #SelfMade

3. Jackie Shroff old house in Mumbai to his bungalow

There’s a say that no matter how you rise, you must not forget your roots. Jackie Shroff is no exception as he never forgot where he’s come from and recently the man paid a visit to his old home.

Arjan Bajwa shared this moment on Instagram where Jackie visited his old home. Arjan explained that Jackie and He was en routing Bandra when intercepted by few students on marine drive. Those students used to live in Jackie Sir’s old Teen Batti house now.

Little you know that the actor used to live in a single room before his success in a chawl in Mumbai’s Walkeshwar.

The Teen Batti was Jackie dada’s home before he entered Bollywood with Subhash Ghai’s Hero. He even gave those kids advice to keep the house clean by saying, “Bhai bathroom toh saaf rakh!”

4. Virat Kohli old house, and New House after the success

Virat Kohli is now a well-established cricketer. At this young age, he is the captain of the Indian Cricket team.

He is married to one of the gorgeous actresses in Bollywood named Anushka Sharma. And now he lives in a flat worth 34 crores in Worli.

However, this is not the whole story of Virat Kohli. Kohli used to live in a small house in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. His father was a criminal lawyer and mother was a housewife.

The family struggled when his father passed away in 2006, it was the time when Kohli was making his mark in Ranji Cricket.

5. MS Dhoni’s Old House and New House

We all know MS Dhoni and his contribution to Indian Cricket. As his biopic depicts, Dhoni used to live in a railway quarters apartment during his childhood in Ranchi alongside his family.

Dhoni also worked as a ticket checker in Railways, before taking cricket seriously.

Now Dhoni owns a luxurious independent house in Ranchi named Kailashpati.

6. Ayushmann Khurana Delhi house and New House

Ayushman Khurrana is pure Delhian, and we all know this. The actor’s very first character was Vicky Arora from Delhi that he nailed.

Furthermore, Ayushmann accepted that he loves to shoot movies in Delhi. Now Ayushmann is a bankable Bollywood actor and lives a big house in Mumbai.

The house is 4000 square feet home in Windsor Grande.
According to sources, the actor pays about 5.25 Lakhs per month as rent.


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