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In Tamil Nadu 2 People have been Arrested for Selling Crow Meat in the name of Chicken –


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To the surprise of the audience , one of the hilarious dialogue of the film ‘Run’ just reminds me about today’s story ..

Before we start our story , please have a look at the video below :

I guess , you must be having a great laugh ..

But what if I say , that this Kawuya Biryani incident is in the real life too??

Yes, you heard it right …

According to the repert of  Vice, Two vendors are behind the bars as they sold Chicken mixed with the meat of crow . It was then, when the locals noticed that crows kept dying from eating rice offered at a temple in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. 

Apart from all the jokes , now we make you aware of the whole incidence ..

As per the reports , when the locals who used to go temple , started noticing that the crows are dying , when they were fed rice . It was then , the investigation turned up the case of the vendors who were feeding crows the
liquor-laced rice .

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Similar reports were also there for Chennai in the year 2018 . Food Safety Department had discovered more than a 1,000 kilos of meat arriving on a train from Jodhpur. What was worse was that eye-witnesses saw that but the case was always in pipeline and never got solved .

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Investigations are going on this context , if the scam is at low or large level..

We hope that this will help people from consuming this type of adultrated food…




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