Illegal sand, murram quarrying on the rise in Malkangiri


Govindpally: Sand and murram smugglers have become active in Badadural panchayat of Khairaput block in Malkangiri district, a report said. This hilly region has suited them the most as government officials neither visit for routine monitoring of authorised quarrying nor keep a vigil to prevent illegal smuggling.

As per government norms, temporary permits should be obtained prior to transportation of minerals. It should also be supported by the Y-form to be obtained from local tehsildar. However, there is a gross flouting of government norms. Several tippers and tractors are engaged every day for the purpose of illegal quarrying, sources said.

Land on the roadsides here belonging to both revenue and forest departments, is quarried indiscriminately for sand and murram. The state government loses crores of rupees due to this, locals alleged.

However, sand and murram are rampantly quarried from Barangbadi, Balabadi, Sanadural, Anagela and Gadabapada areas. Local villagers are penalised when they bring sand for making thatched houses. Government officials keep mum against massive illegal quarrying when it comes to smugglers, local tribals resented.


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