‘I am quite underrated as an actor’


Popularly known by his screen name Krushna Abhishek, Abhishek Sharma is a film actor and comedian. He has participated in successive  Comedy Circus seasons and is also a part of the Kapil Sharma show Season 2.He was in the city for marketing of his upcoming flick ‘Oh Pushpa I Hate Tears’. In a freewheeling chat with Chaitali Shome of Orissa Post, he opens up about his unique journey. Excerpts: 

Tell us about your character in the upcoming flick.

I am playing the character of Shyam who has a funny way of delivering dialogues. The movie has a superb cast including Kartik Jayram, Anusmiriti Sarkar and Anjuman Mugal among others. It is based on Rajesh Khanna’s dialougue ‘Oh Pushpa I hate tears’. It’s basically a comedy thriller.

Your fans say you are underrated. What is your take on it?

I agree to it as I can deliver a lot of things. However, directors don’t feel that way. Besides Bol Bachan, I haven’t got much scope. This new movie definitely gives me an opportunity to perform.

Who was the greatest influence in your acting career?

It’s my uncle Govindaji. His work has inspired me to outshine everyone as far as comedy roles are concerned. If ever any biopic will be made on Govindaji, then I will be the right actor to play the role. We have a similar style when it comes to dance and comedy, and though I don’t copy him, it’s in the blood.

How do you present so many variations to the character of Sapna in The Kapil Sharma Show?

Well, Sapna is a character who is funny yet dignified. I have never humiliated any woman while playing the role of Sapna. The variations are bit tough, but I personally sit during the scripting work so that justice can be done to it. It’s a role which children love very much as I keep on delivering various massages.

How do you like the Temple City?

This is my fifth visit to Bhubaneswar and I find the city and its people extremely welcoming and warm. Today I was received at a local mall where people wanted to get a glimpse of me. As far as the food is concerned, I have tasted the Odia thali which is brilliant. From Dalma to Besara to Baigan Poda, I loved it all.

Are you interested to work in an Odia project?

I have worked in Gujrati, Marathi and many other regional films. I would love to act in any Odia movie if it is offered to me. Odia people are very talented and I wish to be a part of their fraternity.


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