Homecoming Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Production Details and Latest Updates We Know So Far!


Prime Video is back in the news with its highly entertaining releases in May 2020 including Upload. ‘Homecoming’ Season 2 was released after lot of buzz building up around it on the 22th of May 2020. ‘Homecoming’ on Prime Video is a psychological thriller which revolves around the lives of soldiers suffering from post war trauma and allied mental disorders. The story around Homecoming Season 2 builds up with a self contained story about the Geist Corporation.  encouraging reviews about the second season of ‘Homecoming’ has ignited the excitement around the prospects of ‘Homecoming’ Season 3.

Homecoming Season 3 Cast and Crew

The core cast of ‘Homecoming’ series including the roles of Heidi, Walter and Jackie (from Season 2) is expected to stay especially after intense performances from Janelle Monae. The following characters (cast) will return in Homecoming Season 3:

  • Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts)
  • Walter Cruz (Stephan James)
  • Craig (Alex Karpovsky)
  • Audrey Temple (Hong Chau)
  • Alex aka Jackie (Janelle Monáe)
  • Bobby Cannavale (Colin Belfast)

Homecoming Season 3 Plot: What We Know So Far?

Homecoming Season 1 left no more story to tell after therapist Heidi Bergman witnessed the shutdown of the initiative. It took the story into the Gimlet podcast which was split into two sections. The first section ended with Heidi gaining her memory while the second section revolved around her quest to get in touch with Walter which ended up in vain. The Prime Video version deviated from the podcast which resulted in Heidi reuniting with Walter, but it was unknown if he could know who she was.

The Homecoming Season 2 story is more vastly positioned with no podcast as its spine. One major highlight is that the Season 2 opens up from the facility itself. We witness a lot of the outside world. Homecoming Season 2 revolves around Alex aka Jackie and we see less of Julia Roberts as Heidi. This could be the case with Homecoming Season 3 as well. Jackie suffers from memory loss just like Heidi in the first season.

Homecoming Season 2 brings out a fresh story revolving around Jackie but it loops into the place where Walter was left back in Season 1. Homecoming Season 3 leaves the prospects of the plot open by large. Homecoming Season 3 could revolve predominantly around Walter who was a patient at the facility owned Geist in Season 1. However, the plot of Homecoming Season 3 could revolve around Leonard Geist and around Bunda to an extent.

Homecoming Season 3 Release Date

Homecoming Season 3 is scheduled to release on Netflix in October 2022. Homecoming Season 2 has received decent reviews but ended on an inconclusive note which means that the possibility of extending the show into a season 3 gets stronger. However, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to delay the proceedings for yet another gripping season of Homecoming into late 2022.

Homecoming Season 2 premiered on Netflix from the 22nd of May 2020. Homecoming Season 2 released in its entirety of seven episodes. Homecoming Season 3 is also expected to have seven episodes. However, we will have to wait for official communication as the Prime Video is likely to delay proceedings until the pandemic eases out. For Homecoming fans out there, yet another gripping season awaits.(we hope!)





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