Home remedies for common disease in winter


Some diseases are extremely common during winter season. You can overcome these diseases through easy home remedies. From joint pain to constipation, many diseases are common.

In such a situation, you can overcome them through easy home remedies. Below are some diseases and their home remedies.

  • If you are having digestive problems in winter, then you should eat Ajwain and drink lukewarm water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • In winter, headaches often occur due to the cold air, in which case, rub nutmeg in milk and apply it on the head, you will get immediate relief.
  • In winter, skin as well as the lips cracks. Apply oil, it will give you relief. If you have severe colds, then you should eat figs, it will give you relief.
  • For cold, you can have mint leaves, cloves and cardamom tea, for instant relief.
  • If you have frequent fever in winter, then you should consume ajwain powder. This will benefit you.
  • In the cold weather, there is often a complaint of joint pain, in this case, put some garlic bud in mustard oil and cook it, then, massage it in knees, you will definitely get benefited.

If you have still any type of disease even after using these home remedies, contact a doctor immediately.


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