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Hindustani Bhau Challenged Coronavirus In His Trademark Style


As India is trying to fight back coronavirus by following the Government instruction, popular faces of social media are trying to entertain their audience from their platform as well. Hindustani Bhau is a popular Indian Youtuber who is famous for his humorous contents with a mix of raw language. The audience loves his contents for expressing the message in a very desi way.

While India is trying to be cautious from the pandemic of Covid 19, This is the way ex BiggBoss contestant Hindustani Bhau decided to deal with the coronavirus.

In his desi way, he tried to abuse coronavirus and asked it to leave India and get back to the country where it all started. To spice up the content Hindustani Bhau uses a numerous abusive word towards this deadly virus like assuming it as a person, which is crazy and hilarious. This content was uploaded in 22nd march 2020 from Hindustani Bhau’s official account which receiving a countless response by now. T

he video clip viewed over 728 lakhs and got 27K reactions with 6.6 K comments and 17K share on Facebook only. This much reactions on the social platform can prove the huge fan base of him on social media.

Corona Ja Or Kidhar Apani G..nd Mara. Mere Hindustan se Bhag MC ????????????

Gepostet von Hindustani Bhau am Sonntag, 22. März 2020

As Covid 19 takes over India with a firm grip, the central and state authorities are trying to best of their abilities to stop the virus from spreading. As per recent data by the Government, over 415 people have affected by the novel coronavirus in the country and killed 7 people. Governments have asked the citizens to lockdown themselves in-home and maintain the social distance in this crucial situation.

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