Hindu shops were specifically targeted by Islamists during Delhi riots


As Delhi remains on edge after three nights of continuous rioting, more and more proofs have emerged, making it sufficiently clear that these riots are nothing but a selective, well-coordinated and planned outrage against the Hindus by Islamist fundamentalists.

In order to learn more about the riots, OpIndia visited Delhi’s Chand Bagh area, which, like many other areas in the National Capital, has been burning as Islamists ran amok, resorting to stone-pelting, arson and vandalism, destroying public properties worth crores and hurting several police personnel and civilians in the ensuing mayhem.

While taking stock of the situation, OpIndia came across a furniture shop named ‘Arora Furniture’. This shop was left completely looted and burned in the fire. When OpIndia spoke to the local people in the area, it was learnt that the shop belonged to a Hindu. The shop owner said that the rampage was carried out by some Islamists. They set fire to all the floors of the ‘Arora Furniture’ building and also burnt some items kept there. Rest they looted and took away, said the owner.

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A few locals said that there was also a Muslim shop in the same street, which was not damaged at all. According to them, the Muslim rioters read the signboards of the shops with the name of the shops before deciding which shop to burn and which to spare. While Hindu shops were ruined, ransacked and burned, the Muslim shops were left untouched, recounted the locals. Besides setting innumerable cars belonging to Hindus on fire, the Islamists also looted a shop named ‘Goyal Medical Store’, divulged the locals there.

This meant that these Muslim rioters had, in advance, gathered detailed information about the Hindu’s residing in Chand Bagh.

When asked about AAP councillor Tahir Hussain, the locals divulged that Hussain’s building which is built on a 1200-yard plot was occupied by more than 3000 Muslim rioters. The building is quite large, and it can accomodate a large numbder of people. People said that many people were seen visiting and leaving the premises for past few days, which meant that this anti-Hindu riot in Delhi was pre-planned.

It becomes imperative to note here that Tahir Hussain is the AAP leader from whose terrace, not just petrol bombs, but sacks full of brick pieces, stones, acid packs and even catapults to hurl the stones and petrol bombs were discovered.

Moreover, it has emerged that slain IB officer Ankit Sharma was dragged into Tahir Hussain’s house before his murder, and his body was found from a ditch behind Hussain’s house. In fact, the locals also revealed to OpIndia how IB officer Ankit Sharma was dragged into Tahir Hussain’s building by Islamists.

The locals divulged that when Ankit Sharma had learnt that Tahir’s goons had captured three people, he had approached those goons to request them to release the three. They said that Ankit’s mother kept wandering around looking for her son for a while. Later there was news of his death.

They further revealed how the IB officer was mercilessly hit with stones before being thrown into a drain after the brutal murder.

Locals revealed that there is a bridge in Chand Bagh which actually divides the area. On one side of the culvert, there are the Muslim dominated areas, while on the other side the Hindu’s dwell. This acts as a border, said the locals. Tahir Hussain’s house which is on the Muslim side of the area is built in such a way that the area around it is covered and all the people inside are safe.

The miffed Hindus in the area went to blame Delhi CM and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal for the riots. People said that Kejriwal never fails to make statements to remain in the headlines, but now that it is revealed that his councillor has been involved in fanning the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi, he has duct-taped his mouth.

Many people who had voted for the Aam Aadmi Party in the recent elections chided Kejriwal with derogatory slangs and wondered why he was not coming up with any statement condemning the selective violence against Hindus in Delhi.

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