Hindi films that tried to change conventional Bollywood


Have you heard that Bollywood movies most of the time stick to their success formula? Like a series of biopic movies, movies on comedy genre, movies with revenge plots, and many more. Since most of the movies have a hero, heroine, villain, dance, songs, fight, and a happy ending. Some movies are out of these typical Bollywood movie guidelines and created a base audience for themselves.

However, some filmmakers failed to hit the mark with their
movies, still, there are many filmmakers who try to change the Typical
Bollywood movie. We have enlisted 13 films that tried to take a bold filmmaking
decision, irrespective of how these movies are received at the box office.

1. Ye Kya Ho Raha Hai (2002)

There are huge fan following of the American Pie series in
India, but when Hansal Mehta, an Indian filmmaker, comes up with an idea to
make an Indian version of the American Pie series, it wasn’t received well by
the critics as well as the audience.

2. Dev D (2009)

One of the great movies created by Anurag Kashyap is the
modern take of the classic Devdas with Dev D. We were well aware of the story
but the concept shown in the movie was ahead of its time. It became the game
changer of both the director as well as Indian cinema.

3. No Smoking (2007)

Anurag Kashyap’s big punch to the censor board as he comes
up with No smoking. The movie is full of references and psychological thrills
that are very hard to make in India, especially in Bollywood. No smoking still
remains one of the most misunderstood Indian films.

4. Iss Raat Ki Subah Nahi (1996)

Iss Raat ki Subah Nahi is a directorial masterpiece as the
whole story is set over the course of one night. The director Sudhir Mishra has
done a tremendous job with an unusual storytelling technique in this film.

5. Finding Fanny (2014)

Finding Fanny is one fresh attempt to create a dark comedy
in Bollywood. It is a delight to watch mainstream actors like Arjun Kapoor and
Deepika Padukone sharing screentime with indie darlings like Dimple Kapadia,
Naseeruddin Shah, and Pankaj Kapoor.

6. Swades (2004)

Swades is really the first movie of its kind where it is not
about a hero and its heroic adventure. The movie is more focused on other
aspects. However, we witnessed the most real performance by Shah Rukh Khan by
playing the character of an Indian NASA scientist.

8. Love Sex Aur Dhokha (2010)

Dibakar Banerjee has created a milestone in the Bollywood
industry by making a film like Love Sex aur Dhokha back in 2010. The movie is
dark, gritty, and the next level as it had set the bar really high for
filmmakers trying to create their masterpiece.

9. The Lunch Box (2013)

The lunchbox is well appreciated among the audience and
critics. This is a slice-of-life story between an unconventional relationship
between a middle-aged widower and a housewife.

10. Aamir (2008)

Aamir is one of the two unexpected hits of 2008. The story is
centered on a respected Muslim man who gets blackmailed by a religious fanatic.
The thriller and gripping storytelling make this movie a masterpiece.

11. A Wednesday (2008)

Another unexpected hit of 2008 is A Wednesday. The movie is
a masterpiece with an ongoing thriller. It focused on the telephonic
conversation between a common man played by Naseeruddin Shah and the high ranking
government officials, played by Anupam Kher.

12. Delhi Belly (2011)

Delhi Belly is a dark comedy that has been in headlines for
various reasons during its release. Apart from the outstanding performance
delivered by its ensemble cast, the movie becomes a cult. Whenever, there’s a
debate about dark comedy in Bollywood, people gonna scream Delhi Belly.

13. Queen (2013)

A story about a shy girl who gets ditched by her fiancée and
then went into a trip to Paris all alone. Sound intriguing? Of Course, Kangana
had rocked the movie with her effortless performance.

14. Dhamaal (2007)

People still love the movie for its comedy and gripping
storylines. This is the story of 4 friends who come across a car accident and
know the fact that they can get 10 crores treasure in some park of Goa. And the
treasure hunt begins in a most comical way.


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