Here Is How A Man Created A Traffic Jam On Google Maps Using 99 Smartphones


Google maps are nothing less than a blessing for people who travel on a daily basis. From providing us with the directions to reach our destination to giving us an idea about which route will be less crowded. So many times, Google maps save our time by informing us about the traffic in that area.

However, a story about ‘Google Maps’ has gone viral on social media and has polarized the netizens.

Well, the story is about a man named Simon Weckert, who had posted a video of himself on his YouTube channel showing how he managed to “hack” Google Maps and created virtual traffic jams on the streets of Berlin.

In the video, Simon can be seen loading a cart with 99 smartphones running Google Maps. He then asks someone to wheel the cart around the streets of Berlin, including the streets outside the Google office.

Simon apparently succeeded in what he was trying to do as he managed to fool Google Maps into thinking that there was a high frequency of users on those streets. As the phones were moving in a cart, Google Maps further showed that the traffic was slow-moving. And as a result, the app started showing virtual traffic and turned the green streets into the red.

Here, check out the video posted by Simon on his Youtube channel:

As soon as the video went viral, Netizens started to question “why did this happen?” Well, we have the answer for you.

Google Maps generates a live traffic map of an area or road and identifies the speed of the traffic by analyzing by using the data generated by users, which includes things like speed, location, and other crowdsourced data. This is the reason why Simon was successful in fooling the netizens.

Google has also opened up about the viral video. They said:

Whether via car or cart or camel, we love seeing creative uses of Google Maps as it helps us make maps work better over time.”


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