Here Is Everything Coming To Amazon Prime – February 2020


This probably won’t come as a surprise if you clicked on the link and got this far, but Amazon Prime is bringing tons of new content to its streaming platform this month. Movies like Super 8 and The Farewell are set to arrive to the platform this month, as well as other titles like the Jordan Peele-produced Hunters.

The new series, which has yet to debut, is about a group of Nazi hunters in a 1977 New York City. If the words “Nazi hunters,” “Jordan Peele,” or “1977 New York City,” didn’t pique your interest, maybe this will: it stars Al Pacino, who can be seen donning a Yarmulke in the promo shot. Anyway, there’s a whole lot more coming to Amazon Prime Video this month, so check out the list for yourself and activate your subscription if you keep getting those emails about unused Prime benefits (I know them well).


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