Here Are Some Of The Best Tweets On The ‘New Born Viral Baby’


Who doesn’t love babies especially the newborns? They look so cute and are so tiny to not to be loved. Just one look at their adorable face and all are tensions seem to vanish with a blink of an eye. Their adorable smile and expressions never fail to make us go in awe of them. However, a picture of a newborn baby is going viral because of funny ‘annoying’ expression on the baby’s face.

Isabella was born with a C-section delivery on February 13 and when she was born doctors were trying to make her cry in order to check her lung functioning but she wasn’t crying. She had just opened her eyes and gave the annoyed expression, that has now taken the internet by storm.

The mother of the baby had hired a special personal photographer to capture the moment for a lifetime, however, who would have thought that the picture would end up to be such an iconic picture. The picture was clicked by the photographer Rodrigo Kunstmann and soon the picture found its way on social media and went crazily viral.

The photographer revealed:

She opened her eyes wide, but did not cry. The doctor even had to say, ‘cry, Isa!’ She made that serious expression and only started crying after the umbilical cord was cut”

Here, check out the picture:

“Hoje é meu parto e nem tenho roupa para esse evento “

Gepostet von Rodrigo Kunstmann Fotógrafo Profissional am Samstag, 15. Februar 2020

The little girl has made everyone go insane with her expressions. Netizens can relate to the annoying expression on the baby’s face. The creative minds on the internet are making funny memes and jokes on the viral picture of this newborn girl. People are coming up with a hilarious situation in order to relate to the expressions of this baby.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the hilarious memes netizens came up with on this newborn’s funny expression. Have a look:

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