Hanna Season 2 Review and Ending Explained


When Amazon Prime Video released Hanna it was received with so much of anticipation and was appreciated for its content. Hanna played by Esme Creed-Miles is a teenage assassin. She has been raised in a Polish forest by her father, a single parent. It was revealed that a program called Utrax which was meant to be discontinued had actually been taken ahead.

Utrax was a program for teenage girls to be trained as assassins. Hanna’s father had trained her so that she wouldn’t fall in the hands on Ultrax but Season 2 might say otherwise.

Hanna Season 2 Review

Season 2 comes as a shock for the loyal viewers of Hanna. Season 2 is action packed. Marissa, a woman we all thought of as a woman turns out to be protective about Hanna and treats her as her own daughter. Marissa has proved to be loyal and helped Hanna dissociate herself from the Utrax and escape. It doesn’t matter to her what Hanna does but Marissa’s sole interest lies in the protection of Hanna.

Other than Marissa’s overprotective side towards Hanna, she sticks to the slimy character that she has always been. Marissa’s loyalties are questionable as to which side she is on still seems unanswerable. Marissa could or could not be on the side of Utrax.

The head of Utrax, John Carmichael is aware of Marissa’s indecisiveness but even though she is deceptive she will always be ahead of Utrax. Marissa is well aware in Season 2 that her past is long gone and she can never return to it. She does seem to be shaken up and disapproves the continuation of Utrax despite her going to vast lengths to bring the program to an end.

Hanna is at her best when she fights for a cause she believes in but this time her heart has drifted off to the facility of The Meadows. The Meadows manipulative her into believing that she could have a normal life with friends but at the same time be the assassin she is trained to be. Hanna is fiercely loyal towards what she cares about and The Meadows turned a blind eye towards this aspect of Hanna’s personality.

But what Hanna does realize is that family isn’t always those who are related to you by blood. The people that she calls her family aren’t the ideal candidates. But she knows there couldn’t have been a better father than Erik who despite not being her biological father had her back. Marissa who is like a mother to her puts her first always and protects Hanna just like how a mother protects her child. And then she has Clara who is like a sister to her.

Hanna Season 2 has been pumping with action. The show has already been renewed for season 3 and will delve deeper into Utrax and its workings.

Hanna Season 2 Ending Explained

Clara, Hanna and Kat find a place to hide in this large wealthy house. John is hell bent on finding Hanna. When Hanna sees the journalist, Alba, John doesn’t waste time in killing the journalist. To protect herself Hanna flees and meets Marissa. Marissa tells her that she has come to her aid but Hanna recognizes her companion, a woman who works for John. Hanna flees before John can get to her. Hanna scans through the list of targets in the briefcase. Marissa finds her way to Sandy to find the location of the others.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Clara drop Kat off at the airport as she takes off to America. Its heart clenching with Clara revealed to Hanna that her mother replied and she would be flying to Morocco to meet her mother. She genuinely thanks Hanna for all that she has done for her. Hanna and Clara are heartbroken as they expect never to see one another again owing to their circumstances.

At The Meadows, Terri reads the email that Clara received from her mother but opts to remain silent in the matter and hits the delete button. Terri who was spying on the girls and communicating with them through aliases has formed an emotional connection with them.

Marissa needs John to help take down Utrax and she surely knows the right spots to hit if he doesn’t comply to her wishes. On the other side in Morocco, Clara is reunited with her mother. This meeting is filled with emotion and tears.

The season ends with Hanna asking Marissa, “What now?”. This sheds light on the fact that there will be a lot more to be revealed in Season 3.


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