Hackers have attacked five American law firms


A group of hackers was able to infect five US law firms with a ransomware virus and demanded two ransom from 100 bitcoins from each company (more than $ 933,000). One ransom will restore access to locked files and another will remove a copy of the data that the hackers have downloaded to themselves for further resale.

A hacker group named Maze published the names of hacked law firms for the first time on its website. Hackers warned that if companies do not pay, they will publish a small portion of the stolen data as evidence and continue to publish as companies take the time. According to cyber security company Emsisoft, hackers have already started publishing.

“The group published data on Russian hacker forums with the text” Use this information in the most horrible ways “,” say researchers.

Emsisoft believes that the damage to law firms is increasing every hour. In addition, researchers are convinced that even if companies pay ransom, it is very unlikely that hackers will actually delete their copy of the data.

Emsisoft notes that hackers have started to use ransomware viruses in a different way – instead of just encrypting the data, they are increasingly stealing information and blackmailing victims with its publication.


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