Google Pay Go India Event Quiz Answers – Win Free Upto ₹100

Go India Game Colour Answers

Now Google Pay Has Another City Specific Event. In the Next to Go India Game Colors Event, You Have To Visit Any City From 7th To 9th December In Go India Game & You Will Receive Assured Scratch Card From That or get a Kilometers up to 460 KM or a Go India Rare City Tickets from this Event.

This Rangoli Event offer is available for all users who have currently joined Google Pay-Go India Offer. You need to reach Any City in India Map and Give the Correct Answers to asked Questions.

There will be Go Indian virtual cultural events planned inside the Go India game during the Offer Period. You can check for dates and locations of the cultural events within the game or via push notifications. You can visit the designated cities during an event to collect bonus photos, KM, and city tickets! Each virtual cultural event will be held for a limited time only.

Go India Game Colors Event Quiz Answers

You need to Give 5 Correct Answers after Reaching Any City. Here are all Correct Answers, and you can win Up To Rs.100 Google Pay Balance or City Ticket or KMs using this Quiz.

  • Uttar Pradesh – Yellow Mangoes
  • Red – Alta, Sindoor & Kumkum
  • Jodhpur – Blue City
  • Madhya Pradesh – Highest Green Forest
  • Four – Logo

Full Questions & Answers Of This Go India Color Event

Question 1 – Which State Produces The Most Quantity of The Delightful Yellow Mangoes?
Answer 1 in – Uttar Pradesh

Question 2 – Alta Sindoor & KumKum – Part of many festivities, is found in which Colour?
Answer 2 is – RED

Question 3 – How many Colors are There in The New Google Pay Logo?
Answer 3 is – FOUR

Question 4 – Which Of The Following Cuties In India Is Popularly Known As The Blue City?
Answer 4 in – Jodhpur

Question 5 – Which State In India Has The Highest Green Forest Cover Are Wise?
Answer 5 in – Madhya Pradesh


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