Google India Joins Valentine’s Day Meme Trend On Twitter And YouTube Gave A Brilliant Reply


Valentine’s Day just around the corner and social media is already smelling all romantic. The internet is filled up with lovey-dovey posts and tweets, making it really very difficult for the singles out there to survive on social media without cursing our destiny.

However, all thanks to the creative minds on social media for keeping the environment balanced for the singles. The singles are dishing out some really hilarious and funny memes as Valentine’s day is nearing. Different meme trends are making rounds on the internet for couples and singles alike.

One of them is the unusual Valentine’s Day tweet and many are coming up with creative results using the viral format.

Google India via its official Twitter handle also joined the bandwagon and came up with a hilarious Tweet. Netizens are having a good laugh about it and there are high chances that you too will relate to the tweet.

Google India’s tweet shows the breakdown of the word Valentine’s Day in a slopey manner. And as the slope continues one letter from the term ‘Valentine’s Day’ keeps on disappearing until it comes down to the letter ‘y’. At the end, Google India tagged the official Twitter handle of Youtube India along with a popular song recommendation for singles — ‘Tanhai’ song from the 2001 movie Dil Chahta Hai.

Here, check out the tweet of Google India:

Youtube India also came up with a funny tweet and wrote a reply in the same manner. However, Youtube India used the word ‘Feeling Lucky’ for the breakdown.

Here, check out the reply of Youtube India:


Here, check out the reactions of Twitterati on this:

“Forever Single”

From Apna Time Aaega To Gha*ta in 0.01 seconds:

A perfect message for singles on Valentine’s Day:

“It’s a waste of time’ – Satya Vachhan:

**Crying in a corner now**

Bajrang Dal – are you there?




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