Google and Baidu increase the number of searches for the word “bitcoin”


In the Chinese search engine Baidu, the number of searches with the word “bitcoin” has risen sharply – in the past 13 days, such searches have increased by 183%. Interestingly, cryptocurrency searches from mobile devices have also increased.

But Chinese users are not the only ones interested in cryptocurrency. In the United States questions on Google, the word “bitcoin” peaked at 30 days. This happened just after cryptocurrencies experienced the biggest drop in seven years.

And those who want to buy cryptocurrency are noticeably more than those who want to sell it. This is somewhat unusual, as Americans are advised not to go to work and many are generally made redundant. Obviously, in such a situation, cryptocurrency owners can sell some of their savings to pay for the daily expenses, but many, on the other hand, tend to buy more cryptocurrencies.


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