Gold offers Woodward support after being targeted by furious West Ham fans


West Ham co-chairman David Gold has revealed his terror at being targeted by angry fans after offering support to Ed Woodward.

Premier League chiefs have all agreed to clamp down and issue lifetime bans after Manchester United executive vice-chairman Woodward’s house was firebombed by so-called supporters last month.

The shocking attack has led to a show of strength from all 20 clubs after a three-hour meeting in London on Thursday and brought back awful memories for Gold who revealed his 10-year-old granddaughter witnessed the shocking scenes.

Gold and co-chairman David Sullivan were targeted last season when fed-up fans went on the rampage during a home game with Burnley in March 2018 as they tried to attack the directors’ box.

Gold said: “I know exactly what Ed’s experienced. I’ve experienced it four or five times and it’s by a minute percentage, it’s a couple of hundred people.

“The Burnley game was a terrible experience, I couldn’t tell you. My 10-year-old granddaughter said: ‘Grandpa what do they mean? You’re not a liar are you grandpa?’ I mean, what do you say to a 10-year-old? It was dreadful.

“The league will come together. We will come together as a unit to protect the likes of Ed and to punish those perpetrators. It cannot be tolerated.

“Manchester United are a big club, Ed Woodward is a big figure in the game. He cannot be worried about his wife and children.

“In my mind you’ve got a couple of hundred belligerents who want to burn your house down… metaphorically… and those 200 will gather people who are listening. If someone wants to make it… then it’s a thousand. Ok, that’s fine.

“So I’m walking by and I wonder ‘what’s that all about?’ We had this the other day, it starts out with belligerents but then it gets up to 800 because people stop and listen. They’re not belligerents.”

The Premier League issued a statement on Thursday in which they condemned the recent events.

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