GK8 offers a great reward for breaking his crypto wallet


GK8 has developed a hacked digital cryptocurrency wallet and offers reliability compensation up to $ 250,000 for anyone who can crack it.

The company will place a wallet of 14 bitcoins with a value of more than $ 125,000. Anyone who manages to get into the wallet can collect these coins and also get an additional $ 125,000 hacking fee. Hackers can attack the portfolio from 3 to 4 February.

GK8 claims that its digital asset storage solution will allow banks and other institutions to gain full access to and manage cryptocurrencies without the need for a network connection. The wallet is designed so that “the chance of attacks is minimized and the influence of cyber criminals on critical components is blocked.”

Experts assessed the GK8 technology and found it promising. So the founder of Zcash (ZEC), professor Eran Tromer, believes that the GK8 solution will set a new standard in the field of cryptocurrency storage.


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