Girls of this village transform into boys by the time they reach 12


If we tell you that there is a village where people lose their identity, you may find it a bit strange but it is true. In this bizarre place, after a certain age, some girls automatically become boys.

This is not an anecdote but a reality involving the people of Las Salinas. It is a town in the Barahona province of the Dominican Republic. A child born here may be a girl but by the age of 12, she automatically turns into a boy.

It is said that at the age of 12, the penis and testicles develop in the body here. Because of which a girl child automatically becomes a boy. However, doctors say that this is a kind of biological disorder which is called rare 5-alpha-reductase deficiency.

It is a very rare disease that occurs in any one among thousands of children. Due to this disease, people start looking at the child with inferiority complex and she is completely cut off from the society. The physical change of these children is very similar to that of transgender people.


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