Girls From Ipanema Season 3 Release Date: Plot, Trailer, Cast and Everything We Know About Malu and Her Friends’ Return on Netflix!


Netflix is on a rampage with its scintillating lineup of releases planned for June 2020. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 returned to Netflix on the 19th of June 2020. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ is a Brazilian series which was named ‘Most Beautiful Thing’ before. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ revolves around the tale of Malu Carone who arrives in Rio De Janerio with the quest of becoming a restaurateur. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 received credible reviews which prompts its fans to look forward to the possibility of ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 and its potential release.

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 Trailer

The trailer of ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 is yet to be released by Netflix. The trailer of ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 is here:

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 Release Date

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 released in Netflix on the 19th of June 2020. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 consisted of six episodes. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ debuted on Netflix with its season premiere in March 2019. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 was confirmed by Netflix in May 2019. In a similar fashion, ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 is likely to get its confirmation from Netflix soon. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ is scheduled to release in June 2021.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic situation is likely to push production schedules by a few weeks or even months. Considering the positive response for ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2, Netflix might consider speeding up the production process for a new season. Hence, ‘Girls From Ipanema’ is most likely to be renewed for a Season 3.

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 Plot


‘Girls From Ipanema’ is a pleasant Brazilian drama set in the 1950-60s. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ throws light on the empowerment of women from the medieval period with the story of Malu, who wishes to become a successful entrepreneur with her restaurant. The plot revolves around Malu’s quest for liberation from the clutches of mundane conservatism which pulled down women from the era.

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 threw light on Malu and her three friends and took the centerstage away from Malu and shared it with the rollercoaster lives of her friends. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 was no longer centric on Malu and her dreams but was a portrayal of the collective struggles and challenges for the four women. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 portrays the bond of friendship and the rise of women in the conservative 50’s in Brazil. ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 could take off from the point were an inconclusive Season 2 ended.

‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 3 Cast

The main cast of ‘Girls From Ipanema’ Season 2 will return in Season 3. The cast of Girls From Ipanema Season 3 will include:

  • Maria Casadevall
  • Pathy Dejesus
  • Mel Lisboa
  • Fernanda Vasconcellos
  • Val Perré
  • Larissa Nunes
  • Gustavo Machado
  • Gustavo Vaz


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