From Taapsee Pannu To Dia Mirza, Here’s How Bollywood Beauties Welcomed The ban On Fairness creams


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Dark is beautiful and so is fair. However, the society we are living in has always reinforced complex around the color of the skin. The obsession with fair skin has been an age-old phenomenon in our country. Ever since eternity, fairness has been equated with beauty. But seems like things will change soon.

The Health and Family Welfare Ministry drafted a post as an amendment to the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements Act 1954). This amendment will ban all the fairness and weight-loss promoting advertisement.

The government is cracking down hard on ads promoting the fairness cream. The punishment for advertising fairness cream is jail up to five years and a fine up to INR 50 lakh. In the post drafted by the government, they have released a list of diseases, disorders, and conditions under the ban.

This is indeed a welcome move by the government. The ministry revealed that the bill will be forwarded ahead in a period of 45 days.

The welcoming move was welcomed by our Bollywood celebrities as well, who just can’t stop lauding the government for this excellent step. Here, check out what our Bollywood beauties have to say about this:

Taapsee Pannu:

Doesn’t affect me much. I was anyway not in favor of endorsing any fairness product. I am no one to tell anyone what they should do what they shouldn’t.”

Dia Mirza:

“We evolve in our understanding of what kind of advertising perpetuates stereotypes, gender discrimination and falsehoods, we must collectively take responsibility to ensure this ends as soon as possible.

Sona Mahapatra:

“I feel corporations need to have a conscience before deciding to make such ads. According to her, it is high time that we acknowledge the regressive, deeply disturbing nature of advertising campaigns which impacts so many people.”

Richa Chadha:

I think banning fairness creams is a welcome change. We are a racist people. We only have to look at a matrimonial ad to figure that out. For so long fairness has been equated with beauty. This is a good move because at least it prevents the packaging and selling of something that gives Indians a depleted sense of confidence.”



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