Friends collect Rs 3,60,000 for Puri youth suffering from bone marrow disease


Puri: The Penthakata Telugu Yuvak Sangha has come to the help of couple D Babaji and D Chitamma, who need funds for treatment of their son 18-year-old D. Bishakha. Their son has been hit by a bone marrow disease and the cost of treatment is approximately Rs 20 lakh. Bishakha is currently undergoing treatment at a Hyderabad-based hospital.

The couple who resides at the Penthakata locality of this town had been borrowing money from friends and relatives for treatment of their son. Even then they were not being able to meet ends meet. So this donation by the youth association has come in the form of a blessing to them.

Bishakha’s friends at the association got into the act to help him out. While one group collected donations from tourists at the Sun Temple in Konark, another group moved around the Penthakata locality requesting donations with a picture of Bishakha and a message from his dad D Babaji.

“We did this for a week and then on calculation we found that the Sun Temple group had collected donations worth Rs 60,000 while Rs 3,00,000 from the Penthakata locality,” said a member of the association.

Some others said that they would continue on the donation drive as the funds they have so far collected are insufficient. “We request everyone to help our friend out and come forward with donations,” they said.



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