Former AAP leader and journalist Ashutosh’s mathematical equations leave netizens in splits


Election time is the most exciting time for journalists. While some became dancers, some took to philosophy and mathematics to express their state of mind. Former AAP core member and now a journalist again, Ashutosh took to Twitter to send out cryptic mathematical equations as his analysis of recently concluded Delhi assembly elections where AAP managed a landslide victory.

On Thursday, Ashutosh wondered if Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is same as Prime Minister Narendra Modi minus the hate. He did not clarify whether he meant the hate PM Modi receives from his ‘critics’. On Wednesday, too, he tweeted cryptic message which was a little difficult to comprehend.

The strange equations led to some hilarity on Twitter.

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Netizens took it upon themselves to point out the ‘correct’ equations.

Some even dug up his old ‘equations’.

And then there were some which made us laugh out loud. Literally, not figuratively.

And some more.

While others sent across some bitter truth bombs.

Ashutosh and Twitter

Born again journalist and former AAP leader Ashutosh has been a constant source of comic relief amidst tensions. After quitting AAP, he had gone off to mountains to recuperate and shared pictures. Then, too, netizens got quite creative with Photoshop. His tweets have always been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise depressing state of affairs on social media.

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