Forbidden Love Chapter 1 Review: Is the Anthology Worth A Watch?


Zee5 has been providing quality content over the last few months. The audience has been solely dependent on OTT platforms to provide them with the entertainment that they would otherwise attain from the outdoors. This time around Zee5 has come up with an anthology titled as Forbidden Love. The series is available on Zee5 Premium.

Forbidden Love comprises of four stories which are all based on raw human emotions such as infidelity, insecurity, suspicion, jealously and secrets. Each character has a grey streak which they showcase as they undergo emotional turmoil.

Forbidden Love has a stellar cast which includes in the first story Ali Fazal. Patralekha and Omkar Kapoor. The second story has Pooja Kumar, Harsh Chaya and Aditya Seal. While the cast of the third story are Ahaana Kumra and Chandan Roy Sanyal and finally the final chapter has Mahesh Manjrekar and Raima. Currently we have access to two chapters.

What Fails Forbidden Love Chapter 1?

Forbidden love deals with homosexuality. For years it has been considered as taboo and a topic which only art houses movies are ready to deal with. But over time and the passing of Section 377, we have become more open towards the sensitivity of the topic. Homosexuality can no longer be shown in a dark light or as a shady area as that is done to death and rather insensitive on the part of the makers. Story also deals with extramarital affairs.

The concept of extramarital affairs have been scraped from the barrel and portrayed in a light that shows infidelity is inappropriate in any form. We have been normalizes the wrong aspects and discriminating what should be accepted as a society. Forbidden love takes us on a journey of acceptance yet the concept of loving without thinking is shirked at. Although the stories are small, what doesn’t work for Forbidden Love is that the themes dealt with are not new. They have been dug into and seen through a lot of visual media. There is no new element being brought into the picture.

What saves Forbidden Love Chapter 1? 

While the story falters in novelty, it is the actors who are a saving grace. Trust Ali Fazal and Patralekha who are power house performers to carry a tale with no unique feature on their shoulders. Aditya Seal has done a remarkable job considering this is his first outing into such an area. He has shown his acting chops are there to impress. The actors of the first two chapters are entities on their own are able to hold their screen space with such panache. Truly a sight to the eyes.

The saving grace of Forbidden Love is the acting. The plot defeats its purpose and possesses nothing of value. But the true gems of this enterprise are the stellar cast who manage to pull off this series as of now. We have to wait and watch how the rest of the chapters unfold. As of now we have homosexuality and infidelity to watch but actors par excellence to admire.


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