Fictional characters: Bollywood movies that had coolest parents


Hey Readers! Welcome back to Desi Humor. Bollywood has been giving us goals without fail. Be it about the most perfect friend, the most perfect wife or the most perfect parents. The industry is a perfect path to bring in any good change in society. By giving such supportive characters it makes the country a better place to live in. 

When it comes to parents, the case is absolutely different. Every couple of parents are very loving for their kids and are the best for them. They are the ones their child counts upon. But with the change in generation, there is the slightest gap creating differences. Bollywood here comes with great help. 

Here is a list of fictional characters of couples who proved to be very best and brought up new goals. 

1. Jane Tu Ya Jaane Naa

Every child wants their parents to support them, especially when it’s about their career. The movie gave us Pumpkin and Peachy. Aditi’s parents were a sweetheart. They stood by her with her career choices and were also a good mentor for her friends. 

2. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

You got it right. We are talking about Bunny’s parents. His father was very understanding. He gave due importance to his son’s ambitions. Raising an ambitious child needs much more from the side of guardians. Bunny’s father never let his fear burden his child. Even his stepmother also gave us a feeling of affinity which is usually missing in such relations. 

3. Piku

You might be thinking, how Bhaskor can enter this list? When everyone looks at his hypocrite behavior, his parental efforts need more light. Bhaskor raised a self-dependent and brave woman in Piku. We need more of such people in reality. There are many to talk about feminism but rare to bring it home. 

4. Band Baja Baraat

India is a nation where people are more suppressed by others’ judgment and ruin things under societal pressure. Shruti’s parents were different. They let their daughter fly. They supported his dreams rather than only forcing her for marriage. Every lady with a dream surely deserves such supportive parents to grow. 

5. Queen

Queen already gave us many things to learn from. When Rani decided to care for herself, to treat her self with a solo honeymoon, that too after a broken marriage; her parents’ support was the most amazing thing to happen. Obviously, they were worried about her, but they definitely took the right decision to let her revive herself. Parents need to learn this attitude. Instead of blaming the child always, try to understand them for once. 

6. De De Pyaar De

In the movie when Manju and Ashish were struggling with their relationship, they didn’t let their daughter’s future be affected. Ishita was angry with her father, but Ashish respected her emotions and showed absolute maturity. He saved her marriage on the cost of his reputation. This movie also went up breaking various tabu if age difference, love marriage and broken relationship. 

7. Chhapaak

The movie was a very sensitive approach to the audience. When all the major authorities were blaming the victims Laxmi’s parents stood by her side till the very end. They accepted her after the attack, educated her and also let her follow her interest in sewing. Never for once did they blame her for anyone. 

8. Panga

The movie was basically about woman empowerment. But the neglected part was their parental attitude. Where parents tend to ignore many demands if their kids, Jaya and Prashant let Aditya guide them. The movie shows it’s not always about age, even kids can be right sometimes. 

9. Dangal

Based on a real story, Geeta Phogat and her sisters are never tired of appreciating their father’s efforts. It wasn’t easy for him to raise women’s wrestlers in a small village that he lived in. Every parent needs to have the ignorance which Mahaveer Phogat had for society. That is what will raise a successful generation. 

10. Chhichhore

Maya and Anni are the parents the kids need right now. They taught their son to accept failure in the world where everyone is running behind success. They made the society go through the emotions that a student faces and what support he demands from his parents. 


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