Fatal Affair Review and Ending Explained


Fatal Affair is a psycho thriller that deals with an extramarital affair that goes wrong. Unknown to both the parties the affair heads towards a downward spiral and breathes chaos into their lives. The man is your stereotypical male figure with a violent personality while the woman is more somber and tries to stop herself before her philandering temptation gets the better of her. The conclusion is certainly not what you were expecting.

Fatal Affair Review

Fatal Affair has a well knit plot. The beginning is quite bloody showing a couple’s evening of fireside sex interrupted by a violent home invasion. A reputed San Francisco attorney, Ellie Warren (Nia Long) is about to jump into a huge lifestyle change.

She is married to Marcus (Stephen Bishop), an architect, for the last twenty years. Their daughter Brittany (Aubrey Cleland) is in her first year at Berkeley. They decide to sell their house in the city and move into what any of us would call our dream home,a modern home with its own private beach in a coastal California community. Ellie plans on staring her own law practice here.Marcus is recovering from an accident. What actually happened to him is unknown to the viewers and we are kept guessing. Marcus is your ideal home loving and warm husband who reassures an apprehensive Ellie that everything will be fine with their lives despite their move. If only he knew how wrong he was.

But what our knowledge about movies has taught us till date is that big house equals to creepy stalkers. And right about then we welcome our very own, David Hammond (Omar Epps). Ellie has come to terms with the move and is closing up on her final case with the city firm. David walks in as a tech consultant who has been hired to dig up dirt on the defendant. David is clearly attracted to Ellie and from what we hear they went to the same college together. David clearly remembers her but she doesn’t.

Elli gets stood up by her best friendCourtney (Maya Stojan) for drinks. Ellie then finds herself alone with David, sipping some expensive alcohol. Ellie’s biggest flaw is that she confides in David. She lets him know that despite her perfect life she is cheating on her husband. Post some shots and two bottles of wine, hormones are running all over the place. Ellie and David grind away on the dance floor. David follows Ellie into the washroom and kisses her. She doesn’t resist. The begin making out and strip on the countertop. Ellie brings the action to a standstill and makes a hasty exit.

David cant handle this and begins spying on Ellie at home. He begins to infiltrate her life. This causes suspicion in Ellie’s mind and she digs into his past. She makes an alarming discovery that has slipped right under the noses of the cops, he has a  history of anger-management issues. Ellie is scared of going to the police and risking her marriage. Instead she begins following him.

Fatal Affair Ending Explained

Ellie eventually discovers that David was married to Deborah. But that’s not all, Deborah and Ellie have a striking resemblance that makes the whole situation creepy. Deborah and David got a divorce owing to his anger issues but the buck didn’t stop there. Deborah and her fiancé met their end in a grisly home invasion. This occurrence coincidentally happening few months after David re-entered Ellie’s life.

Ellie is finally convinced that David is dangerous and even warns Courtney about the impending danger. But Courtney does not believe her and only takes her warning seriously when she sees pictures of Ellie on David’s phone. But luck wasn’t on her side. David hits her and flees before Ellie and the officials arrive. There were lucky that Courtney’s life was spared.

She then lets Marcus know everything that she has learnt. A day later a body is discovered and said to be David’s. They aren’t sure whether the body is his until DNA results confirm it. But in reality it is not so. Davis holds Ellie’s families life in his hands and even kills her daughter’s boyfriend.

Ellie rushes back home when she finds her secretary dead. Ellie and Marcus try everything within their strength to escape and head to the cliff. David falls off the cliff. Two months go by and the couple take a chance by moving back to the city. Brittany goes back to college. The impact David had on Ellie’s life would haunt her forever.


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