[Fact Check] Was Bigil Movie A Huge Loss to Its Producers? Critical Facts Revealed!

Bigil loss

There has been a buzz on social media and several entertainment reporting mediums about Bigil’s box office performance. Bigil was Thalapathy Vijay’s last movie which released on the 25th of October 2019. Several news portals including Wink Report, covered the surprising rumor around Bigil’s losses in the box office.

The reporting team of Wink Report managed to do a quick fact check around the actual box office collection reports of Bigil and whether the producers of Bigil profited or lost money by producing Bigil.

Archana Kalpathi was one of the producers of Bigil. While speculations predicted Archana to have lost money from the film, Archana Kalpathi took to Twitter to voice her excitement for the successful completion of 100 days of Bigil. Archana Kalpathi nor any of the producers actually made any negative comments or reports on interviews about Bigil being a potential cash burner. In fact, Bigil made a huge profit for them if the numbers are analyzed sensibly.

Reportedly, Bigil was produced with a whopping budget of 180 crores INR. Even before the release of Bigil, the movie made 20 crores INR in pre release rights. Apart from that, Bigil opened received a stunning opening weekend collection. According to Hindustan Times, AGS Entertainment produced Bigil which raised a whopping 55 crores INR in the first day from 4000 screens worldwide. Bigil cruised to the 300 crore club with ease and the net math seems to be in favor of the producers and not against them. We believe Bigil was one of the biggest grossers for Thalapathy Vijay so far and his upcoming film is touted to shatter current records by a mile.


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