F is for Family Season 4 Ending Explained & F is For Family Season 5 Release Date: Is the Netflix Show Confirmed or Cancelled?


F is for Family Season 4 released on the 12th of June 2020 in Netflix. Bill Burr’s sitcom proved that it is one of the best-animated sitcoms there is yet again with the Season 4. F is for Family is an adult theme tv show, based in the 1970s when smacking your kid, or using guns, or smoking inside the house wasn’t much of a biggie and a perfect fit for a cheeky yet unfeigned comedy. The

F is for Family Season 4 Ending Explained

The Season 4 of ‘F is For Family’ revolved predominantly around two aspects. Sue’s pregnancy formed the crux of the plot while Frank’s jittery ties with his father William was also thrown the limelight. The ending saw a collusion of the two major plot lines while Frank was battling the two issues at stake through the episodes of Season 5.

Sue expected Frank to be a better father before her giving birth to their child. Towards the ending of season 4 of ‘F is For Family’, the plot winds up on a predictable note. The much expected incident of the season was Sue’s pregnancy and she finally goes into labor. However, Frank is away when Sue needs him the most. To make things complicated, Frank and Sue had a tussle in the previous night. To Sue’s dismay, she goes into labour when she has no one to support her. Sue manages to make it to the hospital and get self admitted.

The family members make their way into the hospital and Frank’s father apologizes to him. Frank deals with the situation amicably and the best news of the ‘F is For Family’ Season 4 ending is that the family has a new girl child!
Is William Dead?
However, all’s not well and ‘F is For Family’ Season 4 does not end on an all happy note. William, Frank’s father, holds his chest down and lays flat on the ground with a frothed mouth. The season finale of ‘F is For Family’ Season 4 ends on this suspenseful note which brings speculations about William’s death. To give a little boost to the grief factor, ‘F is For Family’ Season 4 ends with William’s heart attack. According to fan theories, the heart attack might not take William’s life but the ‘F is For Family’ Season 5 plot will begin on a grim note.

‘F is For Family’ Season 5 Release Date and Renewal News

‘F is For Family’ Season 4 received good reviews and encouraging ratings prompting the possibility of ‘F is For Family’ Season 5. According to reports, ‘F is For Family’ Season 5 could be the final season of the Netflix series. Michael Price, the co-showrunner revealed that the Season 5 of ‘F is For Family’ is not confirmed yet but we will get to know a couple of hints from the ending of ‘F is For Family’ Season 4. Based on the ending which was inconclusive, ‘F is For Family’ Season 5 is definitely happening. ‘F is For Family’ Season 5 is scheduled to release in August 2021, after Netflix confirms the show for another season.

‘F is For Family’ Season 5 Trailer

‘F is For Family’ Season 5 trailer is yet to be released based on the show’s confirmation on Netflix for another season. The trailer of Season 4 is here:




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