Everything About Peekaboo Ice Cream as seen on Shark Tank Products!


Who doesn’t love ice cream? It is your one stop to enjoy every emotion. Jessica Levison like the rest of us loved ice cream too. She has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan and her JD from New York Law School. She practiced law and was mighty good at her job but at the back of her mind, it was always all about ice cream. Jessica had passion for both fields. She founded her own business, Serendipity Creamery. The franchise had branches in Surfside and Wynwood, Florida. She maintained a balance between her business and legal work.

Her work as an attorney suffered some budget crisis and that’s when she decided to look into her business full time. As a mother, Jessica often felt the pressure on what she should feed her child. Children require a healthy diet to assure nutrition. But their hatred towards vegetables didn’t make this possible.

Jessica decided to fuse her business and her need to give her child a balanced diet. She was in deep thought as to what will it be like to infuse vegetables in her ice creams. This had to be both organic as well as delicious. She wanted her product to be nutritious as well as tasty. She attended the Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State, where studying the science and technology of making ice cream helped her solidify her concept.

Jessica officially began and self funded Serendipity Creamery after acquiring all permits. Jessica experimented with flavours to bring about the perfect blend. When it comes to ice cream, people favour the sweetness and freshness, adding vegetables to it is frowned upon. But the concept of vegetables in deserts isn’t new, we do add them into cakes and breads! The taste of Peekaboo ice cream is great and children love it without any complaints.

Flavours of Peekaboo Ice Creams

Some flavours of Peekaboo Ice Creams are:

  1. Strawberry- Inclusive of carrots
  2. Unicorn- Birthday cake flavour with zucchini
  3. Chocolate- Added with cauliflower
  4. Mint Chip- With spinach Peekaboo isn’t a replacement for vegetables.

It is just an easier way to allow children to indulge in their favourite sweet but with the correct nutrition amounts. Peekaboo Ice Cream has the option of pints as well as small size cups. In the current day scenario, Peekaboo is available on Amazon and the Peekaboo website.


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