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Everything About ODR Skis as seen on Shark Tank 12 Episode 7, Founders and their Story Revealed!


ODR Skis are surely a gift to mankind. They act as the middle ground between ice skates and ski boots which can be used by beginners as well as experts. The hard exterior comes with an even more comfortable and lightweight boot. the length of the boot acts as a replica to the bottom of a ski which has steel edges. This helps gold ground while turning and stopping while skiing.

ODR Skis Founder and Story

Nurtured in the heart of Alaska, Kevin Greco has always been a fan of slopes. It was all a joy ride but the only pain was the heavy equipment that had to be tagged along. This equipment was not even completely safe and was tedious during the learning process. Kevin knew he had to do something to make the joy of skiing continue despite the odds. He wanted it to spread just like other ice related sports. He never wanted to change what already existed but revolutionise winter sports. Thus was born a cross over called ODR Skis.

Advantages of ODR Skis

ODR Skis come at an affordable price while in comparison to downhill equipment and snowboard. It fits right onto the foot and the steel edges make skiing safe. These skis are portable and can be carried in a backpack or suitcase for that matter. This makes the amount of luggage carried less. The skis are extremely family oriented. It is safe and very easy to learn to use. The age ranges from 3 years to 65 years who can enjoy this new snow based activity.

Types of ODR Skis

  1. Eclipse: The best option to choose from for beginners. it has a thermal liner which is flexible for the toes to have ample movement. It can accommodate several shoe sizes.
  2. R-43 White-Out & Black-Out: Ideal for those who have reached the advanced level. These have comfort and maximum performance ability.



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