Everything About Click and Carry Bags as seen on Shark Tank Products!


While everyone adores shopping, the major issue still lies in the fact that the bags to be carried post this wonderful experience is traumatic.The process of tagging the bags along as we move from one shop to the next can be taxing.

Lucky for us, Kim Meckwood found a solution for the problem faced by millions. Click and Carry is a handle service which is designed in a particular manner which enables the individual to carry upto 80 pounds in total. This is after evenly distributing the weight on both sides.

Click and Carry Founder and Story

Kim Meckwood was an engineering graduate from the University of Scranton and had done her marketing degree from the San Diego State University. She was a representative in the pharmaceutical and medical device sales sector. Kim adored shopping. One thing that she detested was the fact that she had to carry bags post this wonderful experience.

The most amazing aspect is that a shopaholic like Kim got a solution to her problem in her dream.She jumped out and quickly put her idea on paper. She went through a lot to create Click and Carry.Kim had wonderful neighbours who were willing to help her on this journey. One of her neighbours was a student at Pasadena Design School who managed to create a 3D Cad virtual reality model. She was then directed to a factory in China which helped her create the mould for her design. She then applied for a patent and on approval she had to only focus on selling her product.

Kim was already aware of what it takes to deal with potential customers.When she developed the idea, she hadn’t quit her job which meant long nights. She did everything within her capacity to build her brand but she was hindered by breast cancer. Kim fought against it and is a survivor. She used these experiences and channeled them into Click and Carry.

The first time she set out was at a Home + Housewares trade show in Chicago. She set shop at the Inventors Corner. This was where large companies took a look at up and coming products. Here Click and Carry generated a lot of interest. She was then invited on television show’s to talk about her product. QVC ordered 60,000 units which meant that Kim would have to put in her own money. She was unable to afford this and decided on returning to her pharmaceutical sales job.

Her life changed when she entered the 5 Minute Pitch which is a Shark Tank initiative. Herein there are four young entrepreneurs who choose their pick among thirty two contestants. The audience votes and the judges then pick a winner. Kim won $50,000 and that has been the best day of her career!

Click and Carry Current Position

As of today, Click and Carry is available at Ralph’s, Kroger, Walmart and The Container Store.It is selling on QVC as well as Amazon Kim was then able to begin her own website where she welcomes users to post pictures of themselves using the product. This gives her brand creditability. Today, Click and Carry isn’t only used to carry shopping bags but also dry cleaning, sports equipment among others.

Features of Click and Carry

Click and Carry has an ergonomic padded gel grip which directly fits into ones hand and can even hold grip over the shoulder. It can be hands free which is good for holding onto your children, handling the car door, opening the front door and many other situations where free hands can be a huge help. The column of Click and Carry has twists in the centre which helps in unloading as well as loading. It is simple to twist and open, use for loading or unloading followed up another twist which brings it back to place. It is lightweight which is a lifesaver and is also very handy considering its small size.


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