Everything About Buckle Me Baby as seen on Shark Tank 12 Episode 7, Did They Get a Deal on Shark Tank?


Dahlia Rizk is a BA in Economics and even has her Masters in Counselling. She understands the nitty grittier of being a parent and the additional stress that comes with it. There are some essentials which your child cannot be compromised on. One of those things are a car sat. It has to be strategically placed which can be tedious.

It was then noticed that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics say that recommend taking off the bulky winter coat while the child is strapped into the sat.Parents usually take this for granted and force the child to keep themselves stiff. Parents also tend to ignore the guideline that the winter coat ought to be removed.

Buckle Me Baby Founder and Story

Dahlia Rizk is a mother of three who lives in the cold climate. Rizk was aware that both coats and car seats were interlinked. She wanted to make it easier on a number of people by eliminating the coat. In 2016, Buck Me Baby was born and through a kickstarter campaign in 2017 it grew.Before taking the final call, Ritz made sure to discuss her final design with many manufacturers and reviewed numerous samples.

Buckle Me baby is created in such a way that the front panel pops open which gives access to the car seat harness to be fastened which will have direct contact to the child’s body. The panel is further closed over the harness and then snapped back. These coasts have a variety of colours and lining designs. If that’s not enough they have a variety of warmth as well which ranges from toasty to toastiest. They also have additional expandable sleeves and removable hoods.


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