Everything About America’s Got Talent Season 15 Contestant Lewis Shilvock Relationships, Career, Bio, Performance and Unknown Facts Revealed!


Lewis Patrick Shilvock is an Australian dancer. His dance moves oozes of confidence and grace, he moves so fluidly and has amazing flexibility. Let us see what more do we know about this amazing teenage dancer.

Lewis Shilvock’s Age

Lewis was born on 10th May 2002 and is 18 years old.

Lewis Shilvock’s Height

Lewis height is around 177 centimeters.

Lewis Shilvock’s Hometown

Lewis’ was born in Adelaide, South Australia.

Lewis Shilvock’s Family

Lewis’ father is Lee Shilvock and he works as an Agriculture Manager. We do not know the name of his mother and he also has a younger brother.

Lewis Shilvock’s Instagram 

Lewis’ Instagram Id is lewis.shilvock as of today he has 23.1K followers.

Lewis Shilvock’s Relationship Status

Lewis is reportedly single.

Lewis Shilvock’s Career

Lewis started dancing at the age of 4. He has learnt dancing at Precizion Dance School and GTB Dance studios. He has also done apprentice at ‘Embodiment THE COLLECTVE,’ which is an all-male contemporary collective. He is quite well known in his home town having won several dance events. He has now cleared the audition round of America’s Got Talent.

Unknown Facts about Lewis Shilvock

Lewis was very close to his nan, she unfortunately died from cancer. The last thing she ever told him was “dance from your heart.” He states that whenever he dances, he draws emotions from his experiences and moulds them in his moves.

  • He is very skilled at music cutting.
  • His favourite artist is Shawn Mendes.

Lewis Shilvock’s Audition AGT 15

Lewis in his audition for America’s Got Talent danced to the Queens’ “Don’t Stop Me Now,” it was an energetic performance infused with pirouettes, leaps and more by the end of the performance he had all the audience on their feet cheering him. When it came to voting Judge, Howie Mandel gave in a No but with remaining three judges saying Yes, he cleared the audition round. It will be interesting to watch how Lewis fares in the next round.



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